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Why photography is valuable (and why its important)

Whatever we do for a living, be it photography, some other artistic pursuit, or work behind a desk, most of us want to believe what we are doing is important and valuable. To us photographers, our images are important. Mostly because they carry a certain sentimental value. They bring back memories of places we’ve been and serve […]

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Skyscrapers and cities are built one brick at a time I used to have a boss who was very fond of the saying “G.I.D”, meaning “Get it Done”. It was his catchy way of asserting how important it is not to procrastinate or avoid tasks because they aren’t as interesting or you’re not sure how […]

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Building a better online portfolio- A Photoshelter webinar with Stella Kramer

Photoshelter recently published a discussion with Stella Kramer about how photo editors view photographer portfolios, what they look for and things to avoid. Stella is a Pulitzer Prize winner who has worked with many well known publications including the New York Times, Sports Illustrated and People Magazine, so it’s fair to say she knows what she’s talking about. […]

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Mitchell Kanashkevich

Mitchell Kanashkevich is a Sydney based travel and documentary photographer who’s primary focus is ancient cultures and the human condition in unique challenging situations (his own words). Put simply, Mitchell’s images are stunning. These are beautifully told stories with a rare empathy for and connection to his subjects. Mitchell has spent a lot of time […]

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Moroccan Orange Juice Seller

This is the first in an ongoing series where I will shamelessly promote my own work under the pretense of sharing stories about how they came to be. Seriously though, the reason I got into travel photography is because first and foremost I love the experience of travelling and the stories behind images are just as […]

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