Queenscliff Pier

I spent a morning at Queenscliff recently photographing the historic pier as part of a personal project and came up with this. Shot at dawn with the sun coming up over Port Phillip Bay on a cold but clear day.

Queenscliff today is a small holiday town of around 1,500 people, but is significant to the area as it was once an important cargo port for steamships trading in the bay. The pier was constructed sometime between 1884 and 1889 and is now heritage listed as it is a rare example of a jetty mounted lifeboat shed (the one on the left). Apparently I’m also related to one of the workers who built the sheds. Something I’ll have to find out more about sometime.

The pier is adjacent to a long stretch of sand that is a popular trail for early morning walkers, and even though the air was close to freezing this morning, they were still out there. There were even a few crazies in the water for an early morning dip. Albeit with wetsuits on, but still…

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