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Portfolio Update

And about time too! This is one of those things that I’ve been meaning to get around to for a while now, and with all my recent preaching about springtime and new beginnings etc, I needed to take my own advice and get on with updating my portfolio. So I’ve moved some things around, taken […]

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Francisco de Souza

  Hailing from Zimbabwe via New Zealand where he gained a Diploma of Photography, Fransisco de Souza has travelled to many developing countries in Africa, the Indian Subcontinant and South East Asia. Fransisco works with non government orginisations and his work reflects his strong human interest and passion for story telling. Fransisco’s images are largely […]

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  After a long, dark and wet winter here in Melbourne the weather is finally starting to change. Days are getting warmer and flowers are starting to bloom. I could harp on for hours here about new beginnings etc, but suffice it to say that this really is a great time of year for making plans […]

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Wrestling with auto focus

Confession: I have trouble with focus. No, I’m not talking about any type of ADHD condition (although that might also be an issue, but beside the point here). I’m talking about the act of making sharp photos. About what seems like the never ending struggle to make the camera’s focus system behave and see what your seeing. There […]

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The view from Williamstown

Williamstown is a historic part of Melbourne with a strong maritime and transportation history, being situated where the Yarra River meets Port Phillip Bay. Once it was Victoria’s major cargo port with ships unloading their cargo to be transferred to trains and transported all over Australia. Today Williamstown is one of Melbourne’s more affluent suburbs and gears […]

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