Inspiration for photography

Sometimes we all get stuck. We get into a bit of a rut, we start to feel a bit stale and have trouble finding a subject to inspire us and get our creativity flowing again. Often the solution is looking at images by other photographers, however there are other sources of inspiration to kick start our creativity.

Books are a great source of inspiration. Not photography books, but novels, historical texts, biographies or any other genre can provide ideas to get you photographing again. I often find myself drawing ideas from descriptions of places or people in a novel. Often a writer will treat a city as a character in their work and so describe it’s smells, sights and atmosphere in such a way that it makes you want to try to recreate that.

Movies and TV shows can provide as much inspiration as still images, as the creators of these are trying to achieve the same thing as a still photographer: to instill a certain feeling or atmosphere into the scene to assist their story.

Often the best way to find inspiration is simply to go for a walk. Leave the camera at home and take a walk, or even a drive, to a nearby park, beach, or around your own town or neighbourhood and take note of the things that you would normally pass by. Are there any landmarks? Are your neighbours mostly families with young children or professional types. Are there cafe’s with character. What about the architecture? Are houses modern in style or old and full of charm? Amongst all of this, you’re bound to find something that interests you close to home. Once you do, come back with your camera and make it into a personal project. Hopefully this will lead you to bigger ideas.

It is usually only one little spark that is needed to put us back in a creative frame of mind and once you get that first idea, they just keep flowing. Mostly its just a matter of keeping an open mind to new sources of inspiration.

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