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I’ve posted quite a bit lately on inspiration and how to go about finding it. Lately I have been finding it in the work of others. Landscape photographers mostly. This can be a useful way to gather ideas for future shoots. Of course there is always the chance that by studying other photographer’s work you could […]

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Why do photographers like to travel?

This image doesn’t have much to do with this post, other than it was shot just a few kilometers from my house. Because we are essentially visual people who look for inspiration in the things that are around us. When these things are more familiar, inspiration becomes harder to find. This is where we tend […]

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Swan Bay & Point Lonsdale (again)

Been on a bit of a landscape binge lately. Like many photographers landscapes (or seascapes as is the case here) were one of the first subjects I ever photographed and are still one of the things I love photographing the most. It’s a kind of therapy. The nature of landscape photography forces you to slow […]

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Among Hong Kong’s markets

Click the image above to view gallery For a modern, fast moving metropolos with an abundance of shopping malls and supermarkets, the people of Hong Kong still shop predominantly at its many street markets. Throughout the city, narrow streets are lined with stalls where you can purchase anything and everything from cheap clothing, to pets to […]

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