InspirationEric Lafforgue is a French photographer who’s images have been used by Time Magazine, National Geographic, New York Times and BBC amongst others. Eric has had a facination with travel and far away countries since a young age, but only began photography in 2006. As with the best photographers, Eric’s images give you the feeling that the experience is the foremost priority, while the making of the photo itself is almost an afterthought. The focus is on capturing the moment and telling the story. The technical stuff follows this.

Eric’s images, focusing primarily on cultural portraits, show an intimate association with his subjects. You may have never met him, but you sense that this is a photographer who spends time with those he photographs, affords them the appropriate respect and strives to give something back.

Apart from having one of the coolest landing pages ever produced for a photography site, Eric’s website showcases images from many regions and populations in danger of extintion today and less visited countries. Well worth a look. Click HERE to visit.


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