Dove Lake boathouse

I spent a few nights recently at Cradle Mountain in Tasmania and this has instantly become one of my new favourite places on earth.

This is alpine country. A rugged place of glacier formed mountain peaks, lakes and tarns, inhabited by curious wombats and pademelons. The shy Tasmanian devil and platypus are also known to live in these parts but are much harder to spot. Weather here is changeable to say the least, with bright mornings giving way to steel grey afternoon skies and vice versa.

The air here is pristine. You can feel it fill your lungs, pushing out the city and refuelling you. Its as if the air itself  provides a sense of calm and wellbeing. This peace stays with you as you trek the craggy mountain paths, sometimes hearing birdsong, sometimes just the wind. In the green lushness of the forest floor, moss absorbs the sound of a nearby creek causing the flowing water to sound much farther away than it is. Waterfalls dot the path and provide a welcome spot to stop and rest. It is one of those places where, although the signs of civilisation are never far away, it is easy to feel like the first person to step foot here.

Needless to say, I can’t wait to get back.

Cradle Mountain

Sunset over Cradle Mountain

Marrions Lookout

Dove Lake from Marrion’s Lookout

Dove Lake boathouse

Dove Lake boatshed

White flowers

Flowers in the nearby Enchanted Forest

Forest path

The Enchanted Forest

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