I’ve been trying to explore my own city recently. Partly because my schedule recently has meant I need to be close to home, but also partly because our own home is something many of us take for granted.

I’ve said to myself many times before that I should start a project exploring Melbourne and surrounding areas and now, rather unintentionally, it seems I’ve actually begun. This looks like it will be a long term thing. Something I can work on for myself in between travel and other projects. I haven’t given myself a brief to work with and don’t really intend to, but rather just want to start to capture what interests my about by city and see how it evolves. It’s exciting and relatively pressure free. I’ve started with several cityscapes from well known locations across the city. A kind of overview and way to pick off the low hanging fruit before drilling down further into neighbourhoods and daily life.

I’ll post here on how this is going every now and then as a kind of progress journal. For starters, this is one of the first images I made which I think works well as a way to set the scene.

Queens Bridge and Melbourne skyline along the Yarra River

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Looking through some recent and not so recent images of Melbourne for a client request, I realised that I don’t get out and shoot my home town nearly enough. Which is a shame because it is a great place to photograph with a lot of varying subjects. The city skyline, while not as imposing as some larger international cities, is full of interesting lines and reflections. Modern architecture contrasts with heritage buildings, places like the Queen Victoria Market and various laneways buzz with activity and street art gives the CBD an edgy feel.

I put together this small gallery of images of the city centre and surrounds, just because. I have also promised myself I will make more time to photograph Melbourne and all its variety.

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