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One Image Three Ways

How an image is processed is generally dependant on how I interpret the scene in the first instance. If I am drawn to the colours, then I tend to focus on how to draw them out of the digital negative. Sometimes it is texture and sometimes it is a particular element within the scene. The thing […]

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Mornington Peninsula

Best known for its local produce and many wineries, the Morning Peninsula is also a landscape photographer’s dream. It is ideally located with the raging Southern Ocean to one side and calmer, more peaceful waters of Port Philip Bay on the other. The Peninsula is dotted with many small towns from which it is easy to make a base […]

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Dawn at Queenscliff Pier

I spent a morning at Queenscliff recently photographing the historic pier as part of a personal project and came up with this. Shot at dawn with the sun coming up over Port Phillip Bay on a cold but clear day. Queenscliff today is a small holiday town of around 1,500 people, but is significant to the […]

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In Black & White: the importance of play

Like many, my first foray into photography began with black and white film. Countless hours (and dollars) were spent buying up rolls of Ilford and developing in darkrooms. Letely I’ve been getting a little nostalgic for black & white  and while I don’t think I’m quite ready to convert the spare room into a makeshift darkroom […]

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Skyscrapers and cities are built one brick at a time I used to have a boss who was very fond of the saying “G.I.D”, meaning “Get it Done”. It was his catchy way of asserting how important it is not to procrastinate or avoid tasks because they aren’t as interesting or you’re not sure how […]

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Welcome to Expanse 2.0

This has been a long time coming. After much careful planning, researching and collaborating the shiny new version of the Expanse Photography website has arrived. For those that have stumbled here by accident, my name is Mark Eden and I’m a travel photographer based in Melbourne Australia. I won’t bore you with my story here, […]

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