Melbourne skyline

This image was taken from the Skydeck at the Eureka Tower in Melbourne, and looks out over the Federation Square and the Melbourne CBD.

This is one of the newer tourist attractions in Melbourne and definitely one of the most popular. So much so, it is difficult to find a spot near the glass to make pictures from at sunset. Shooting from up there does certainly throw up some challenges. The biggest being the reflective glare from the glass. The observation deck is completely enclosed by glass except for a small part which is looks out over parks and gardens and is surrounded by wire mesh which is impossible to make a picture through. I managed to find a way around the glare by wrapping my jacket around the end of the lens to block out any light from the side which was the cause of the glare. This worked fairly well and I managed to get quite a few well lit shots. The other difficulty was dirt from the outside of the window which, shooting at long apertures, was made quite prominent in some areas. Nothing really to be done about that except try to edit it out in post processing. I was hardly going to climb out of the window 88 stories high with a cleaning towel and bottle of Windex!

The thing I really wanted to highlight with this image is the refreshing attitude of the management towards photographers. I went in expecting there to be a whole list of caveats on photographers or to be told that commercial photography was not allowed at all, but when I asked about using a tripod, not only was I told this was fine, but also given some pointers on the best angles at sunset and ways to shoot through the glass and avoid glare from the sun. In a time of more and more restrictions being imposed on photographers, this was a most welcome change. If only some others could follow this example.

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